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Welcome to Day #3…

… Of the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit!

Have you been watching?

Because even if you missed the first couple of days…

… There are still 25+ MORE speaker talks & video interviews to come this week!


Click here to watch the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit 


Just look at who’s up today:




Today’s speaker lineup includes:



David The Good

“Better Gardening Through Experimentation”

  • How to become a backyard scientist – and let your garden teach you!
  • How to build garden beds for FREE!
  • David’s recipe for “fertility tea” – to supercharge plant growth



Dr. Patrick Jones

“Medicinal Plants – The Apocalypse Apothecary”

  • How to find and identify local herbs with medicinal properties.
  • Wild herbals that are also delicious wild edibles.
  • Anti-bacterial wound treatments with no side effects.
  • Pain and infection-fighting herbals.


Click here to watch the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit




Jason Matyas:

“Avoiding the Top Traps of Homesteading”

  • The #1 temptation faced by homesteaders that can RUIN the journey to self-reliant living.
  • How to AVOID THE TRAP that usually ensures you won’t leave a legacy of homesteading.
  • Essential planning that can make or break you. Don’t get this wrong!
  • How to avoid burnout, and take joy in the journey.



Jerome Osentowski

“High-Altitude Food Forest – Harvesting and Maintenance”

  • Take a tour of Jerome’s food forest at 7,200 feet.
  • Hear his thoughts on why you shouldn’t harvest everything from your garden.
  • Surprising crops that grow well at high altitudes, in cold climates.



John Kohler

“Top 5 Ways to Grow More Veggies in Small Spaces”

  • City-living doesn’t have to limit your food-growing abilities.
  • Secrets to growing lots of food in small, urban spaces.
  • How certain vegetables can MULTIPLE your harvest.
  • Vertical planting solutions. (Grow UP!)

There’s still time to sign up to watch the Summit and there will be replays at the end of the week!  So don’t miss out on your chance to watch these incredible speakers.


Click here to watch the  Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit



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