The Gift of Food Security for 2017


It’s true – we live in uncertain times.

And so much is beyond our control:

Global poverty … food shortages … fluctuating oil prices …  weather catastrophes…  war and political conflict…

It all makes relying on grocery stores for food risky.


The supply chain breaks…

… And your local stores are out of food in 72 hours.

Then what?

Personally, I don’t like catastrophizing.


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However, the fact is, if you’re not already actively growing your own food, raising livestock, and maintaining your own food stores …

… Then you’re probably about 7 days away from having NO food in the cupboards.

And then what?

If you’re like many Americans and the turmoil of November left you feeling uneasy… worried about what’s next…

Then I invite you to do what I’m doing:

I’m taking this nervous energy, and I’m pouring it into the soil.  I’m doubling… nay, quadrupling my efforts to grow my own food in 2017.

If you’ve never grown your own food … or you’re not growing enough to sustain your family yet … it’s time to start.

If you’re already growing SOMETHING…

… My friend, it’s time to grow MORE.

Grow abundance, so you can share the wealth.

And consider, in 2017, spreading this knowledge…

Reach out to family … extended family … friends … and neighbors … to build a community of likeminded food growers, and support one another.


Grow Your Own Groceries

Because while you can’t solve the food crisis in Egypt.  Uganda. Haiti.  Venezuela. etc.

And you can’t block the food monopolies.

… You CAN give your sister-in-law a portion of your bumper crop of tomatoes this summer.

And you CAN accept a few bags of carrots from the neighbor when your crop mysteriously fails one year.

Link arms with family, friends, and neighbors.

Share the knowledge.

Share your homegrown food abundance.

And create your own, local food security.

Don’t wait … start today!

Here are two ideas, I recommend, from Marjory Wildcraft over at The Grow Network:

Give this gift to Yourself!


Give this gift to a Friend!!



… Either way consider giving gifts of food abundance and security this holiday season.

Share the knowledge… empower those you love.

Wishing you a fulfilling 2016 Holiday Season.

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Food abundance… natural health… and self-reliance.

These are the gifts I want for MY family and friends in what’s sure to be an uncertain 2017.

After all, who really needs another whazzit gadget?

Or another As-Seen-On TV gift?

When we continue to sit on the brink of a national food shortage…  Right???

Give gifts that really MEAN SOMETHING this year!


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