I’ve just published My “I’m Finally Getting My Sh*t Together” Journal !

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been on a long break from the site.  I’m back now and putting more of my focus on writing books.  I have 3 (out of many to come) lined up, and the first was just published!

It’s called My “Finally Getting My Shit Together” Journal


It’s set up for you to write your goals down the coming day (or week if you desire), so that you already have planned out what you want to eat and what exercises you want to do or try.  I’ve also included a reminder to read someone’s success story to keep you motivated.  There is space to write down who’s story you read and where you read it at.

This food and fitness journal can be used for just about any of your diet and exercise goals.  It doesn’t matter if you are paleo, gluten free, vegetarian etc.  Just fill in the blanks to keep track of your food and fitness achievements.  There are enough pages to keep you on track for 5 months.

If you buy my book, I would be grateful if you go back to Amazon.com and leave a review!

You can buy the book here at Amazon

or directly from the printer here





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