My Organic Farmer’s Market Journal is now published !

Have you ever wanted to keep track of your finds and purchases at the farmer’s market?

Do you need a way to document what products and produce you bought and then what you did with it during the busy summer months between canning and freezing foods for preservation?

Did you find a recipe that you wanted to try, but forgot where you saw it?

The My Organic Farmer’s Market Journal provides you a place to document your finds at your local farmer’s markets.  Keep track of what you purchased, how much, the farmer or vendor contact info, and what you did with it.  Did you cook with it? Or freeze, can or dehydrate it to preserve it?   There’s also room to write down your notes, thoughts or a special recipe you used too!

Make the switch to local foods and seasonal eating. Document your journey in this take-a-long journal.


You can find My Organic Farmer’s Market Journal here


directly from the printer here

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