My Paleo Diet Journey–a journal to track your paleo diet progress


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There are many paleo diet books on the market and you should choose the one/s that work best for you. Use this journal to track your progress alongside any of your favorite paleo diet books and cookbooks.

Inside My Paleo Diet Journey you have places to write down:

* What foods and recipes you discovered

* Your favorite cookbooks and websites

* What markets or restaurants you go to

* Changes you’ve noticed (or changes you need to make) for your health on your paleo journey

* Notes & Recipes page to write down exercise routine, sleeping patterns, situations that trigger stress, changes in health, and of course, a favorite recipe.

When you go back to read through your journey, you will see the positive steps you took along the way, what worked, and what didn’t.

Studies have shown that keeping a daily food journal keeps you motivated and you are more likely to succeed in losing weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My Paleo Diet Journey will help you achieve your daily goals and keep you on track to success!

You can order My Paleo Journey here

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