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50 Ways to Eat Canned Sardines, a recipe journal


Tweet   If you find this post useful, please take one second to like, share, or tweet it. Thanks!   © 2017 Shanna Lea So, you decided to eat healthier and add more fish to your diet.  You saw a package of canned sardines in the grocery aisle and picked it up.  Then it sat on the pantry shelf, mocking you for weeks, maybe months, before you finally decided to try it. The same thing happened to me, until I finally just dove in and tried them.  I searched the internet for…

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Bread Machines for Health Conscious Cooks


Tweet   If you find this post useful, please take one second to like, share, or tweet it. Thanks!   ©2017 Shanna Lea Bread isn’t likely the first food item that comes to mind when thinking of ways to cook healthy. Besides, it takes a…

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The Gift of Food Security for 2017


Tweet It’s true – we live in uncertain times. And so much is beyond our control: Global poverty … food shortages … fluctuating oil prices …  weather catastrophes…  war and political conflict… It all makes relying on grocery stores for food risky. The supply chain…

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2016 Sports and Outdoor Gift Guide


Tweet Keeping fit and enjoying the great outdoors isn’t just a fad anymore – it’s a passion. Enjoying sports that you participate in – plus exercise and fitness pursuits – have produced thriving businesses ready to meet the needs of every outdoor and fitness enthusiast….

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2016 Home and Garden Gift Guide


Tweet More families – and even singles – now prefer to cocoon in their homes rather than venturing out for socialization. This new trend means that the home and garden are turning into personal spaces that reflect the tastes of those who inhabit them as…

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