Growing Food Indoors Is Easy and Can Be Beneficial

indoor crops

With a growing number of people having to live in homes without garden space, some of them have started to learn how they can create a garden indoors. These gardens can help them to grow flowers, herbs, vegetable, and even fruits. You can even grow such plants indoors using hydroponics and without any need for soil.

All that you really need to grow food indoors is some containers that can have soil that can hold the roots of the plant or just tanks that contain water and some medium to hold the plant roots. While you can use any form of container to grow food, pots of clay or terracotta are the best. The bottom of these containers must have layers of small gravel or stones that help to drain out excess water. The soil can be from any garden or organic potting mix that can be obtained from nurseries. The seeds or seedlings are planted in these pots and watered regularly so that the soil is not allowed to dry up.

Tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, lettuce, and spinach, as well as a lot of herbs,  can easily be grown in indoor gardens. You can also experiment with fruits. You have to ensure that the spot where you have an indoor garden has some sunlight as this is essential for the growth of plants. Where this is not possible, you can use grow lights that can do the job just as well. If you do not have enough floor space in your apartment or flat, you can always hang planters and create vertical gardens, as long as you make sure that every level has sufficient space for air and light. You can enhance the available sunlight by using reflective material so that your entire garden space is flooded with light. Organic fertilizer is the best for an indoor garden.

Light conditions to grow

Every plant has a particular need for water and light, and it is best that you group all these plants in one place so that it is convenient for you to look after them. Also, group your plants as per their need for sunlight. Mushrooms and sprouts can grow in dark corners, while radishes, spinach, and lettuce can grow in low light conditions. A sunny window sill is the best place to put the containers that make up your indoor vegetable garden.




Growing food, especially vegetable indoors, can help you to save money, while the produce of these garden will be tastier, especially if you use organic growing techniques. The garden can also give you a nice hobby that has great therapeutic values and reduce your stress.

Grow through Aquaponics

Aquaponics is another way to grow food indoors and also allow you to have fish in the home. The waste produced by the fish provides the plants with the needed nutrients, and all that you need to do is provide some media that will help root growth, feed the fish, and top up water levels to make up for evaporation loss. You will then have an aquarium as well as greenery in your home.

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