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When circumstances don’t allow you to grow your own food, how do you find farmers markets, CSA’s, food co-ops, farm stands, pastured beef, pastured poultry, raw milk and other sustainable food sources?

There are websites dedicated to keeping up-to-date listings of sustainable food sources in each state so you can shop locally.  You can also plan your road trip to include farmers markets and restaurants that provide healthy food while you are traveling.  Check out the websites below for more information on listings and recipes.

Eat Well Guide

The Eat Well Guide is free online directory of more than 25,000 listings for restaurants, family farms, and locally grown food in the United States and Canada.  Search by keyword, city/state or zip code.  Plan your trip here!

Sustainable Table

The Sustainable Table site provides shopping guides, and listings for a rBGH-free Dairy Map, CSA’s, farmers markets, food co-ops, eating seasonal guide, recipes, sustainable culinary schools list, and other sustainable food sources.

Local Harvest

Find farmers markets, CSA’s, restaurants, grocery/co-ops and meat processors closest to you on the map.

Robyn Van En Center

Based at Wilson College, The Robyn Van En Center provides a national database including more that 1,650 CSA farms.  They provide the resources to bring farmers and communities together.

USDA Farmers’ Market listings

Farmers’ markets by state and city

Farm Aid’s List of Winter Farmers Markets

More than 1,225 farmers markets open year-round….some are open during the winter.

Heritage Foods USA

Promoting genetic diversity with heritage breeds of livestock and supporting small family farms while fostering a link between small-scale food production and preservation of foods with sustainable land use.


Comprehensive source for more than 1,300 pasture-based farms and products.

Seafood Watch

Includes information on types of seafood to buy, which ones to be concerned about and which to avoid.  Has a list of sustainable seafood sources.

Seasense Database

Discusses different types of fish and what to be aware of when buying or serving it.  Lists sources for ocean-friendly restaurants, fish markets and other sources throughout the country.

True Food Shopper’s Guide

The True Food Shopper’s Guide has valuable information on how to avoid GM foods and a rbGH and rbGH-free dairy guide.  Available for download for computer or phone.


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