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New Book Available!
"Natural Cold and Flu Remedies"

Discover how you can easily relieve cold and flu symptoms with safe natural remedies.

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My brand new e-book "Natural Cold and Flu Remedies" is packed with practical and useful information on remedies that work for real people. My research came from regular people and herbalists alike.  These are the remedies that herbalists turn to again and again.

Includes the following topics:
  • What to have on hand and directions on how to make teas, infusions, poultices, compresses...
  • Prevention--using simple methods to prevent catching the flu
  • The 1st sign that something's not right --  do you know what it is?
  • Well, if you missed the 1st sign, and now that it has set's what to do
  • Sore throats--using honey and cayenne to help a sore throat
  • Congestion and Sinus Drainage--aromatic steams to ease congestion
  • Coughing--delicious herbal syrups and honeys for that persistent cough
  • Earaches--how an old sock with sea salt can ease that earache
  • Lung Issues--teas and infusions for those lungs
  • How to Make your own recipes--herbal honeys, hot toddies, chest rubs, and throat lozenges
  • Where to get your ingredients --you may already have several in your pantry and refrigerator
  • Sources for more information--on the internet and herbal books

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies by Shanna Ohmes is very timely, useful, and easy to read.  You'll learn how to use and make teas and tinctures with easy instructions.  I've personally used the mullein tincture as she described it in the book and was much relieved of my swollen lymph glands. I've also used the ginger/clove/cinnamon/honey/lemon juice/hot        water tea for a bad cough.  I thought the flavor would be a bit overpowering, but it was actually quite soothing. She gives food suggestions as well, and even teaches you how to make your own toddy.  Considering the recent outbreak of swine flu, this book might be the most timely on the market!

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Natural Colds and Flu Remedies is a must have book if you want to get over your cold naturally without the aid of prescriptions and over the counter medicines that do not treat the problem at the source and cause more side effects than they're worth.  I found this book very easy and straightforward to read with a lot of helpful suggestions and tips.  I've personally used the ginger tea for my colds, adding some milk and honey for taste, and it helped my cold as well as lulling me to sleep fast.  This book is a great source of information to help you take control of your own health and to strengthen your immune system the natural way.      



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